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Bighorn River Fishing Report: An Excellent Week Of Fishing

Todays fishing report is excellent!! The past week we had Michael and Pat Macklin and their annual group in at the lodge. As expected, we had a great time, and the fishing was very good. Barring some windy conditions, the fish continued to eat well.

Top fly producers were pink scuds, orange scuds, pink soft hackles, quill nymphs and various black midge patterns.

It seems to me like the fish are still in “winter water”. Our best success has been found on slower inside seams and deep runs. Also, the tail outs of all these deeper runs tended to fish better than the top of these runs. Boat fishing has been excellent. In fact, Sam and I had one of the best days of the spring yesterday, and the numbers just got silly. The wade fishing has been tougher, but is still producing fish. With the majority of the fish holding in slower deeper water, some of these spots are hard to reach on foot without a VERY long cast. It will take a few more weeks to get these fish up into the good wade spots to REALLY get em good. The report is overall very good right now.

BWO’s have been coming off with pretty good regularity in the afternoons, and the streamer fishing is good on cloudier days as well. In fact, we added 4 more names to our Trifecta board this week!! Congratulations to Michael Macklin, Mike Dube, Dick Frazer, and Gary Converse!

No rainbows up on the spawning beds yet, but there are some healthy looking bows staging up below traditional reds. It won’t be long.

I took some great photos the other day, and so I thought I’d share them in here as well.

Skiff On Water

Sam\'s Guest With Double Catch

Brown Trout Caught On A Streamer

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