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Most Common Questions Asked … & Answered

Thanks for visiting this page. We’ve compiled a list of questions that nine out of 10 people ask us. We hope the information helps you in your booking process. If there are any further questions, please feel free to call or email us anytime. Our toll free number is 866-258-3474 or you can email us at [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you here at Eagle Nest Lodge.

Q) What airport do I fly into?

A) You fly into Billings Logan International Airport. Eagle Nest Lodge is approximately 45 minutes from the airport. From the airport you can either rent a car or use a shuttle service. The shuttle service runs approximately $200.00 for two people round trip. There is also a small airstrip in Hardin, 3500 Feet, where we would be happy to come and pick you up. (Hardin is in the process of possibly building another airport west of town, 5000 feet. We’ll keep you posted.)

Q) Do you have cabins or rooms?

A) We have 7 bedrooms all with private bath.

Q) What kind of meals do you serve at the Lodge?

A) A sample dinner menu may include: Goat Cheese marinated in Greek Olives with Pita, always a fantastic salad before your meal, Beef Tenderloin with Port Wine sauce and Baby Bella Mushrooms, Glazed carrots and Garlic Mashed Potatoes. Followed by a fabulous dessert. Crème Brule (most guests say the best Crème Brule they’ve ever had.) That’s just a sample. Sherri, our cook, also cooks made to order breakfast each morning. Lunch is on the field. Sherri has been with us since 2002, and is a great asset to the lodge.

Q) What percentage is your repeat business?

A) Our repeat business is 80% – 85%! We hope to turn you into a repeat guest too!

Q) Are you Orvis Endorsed?

A) Yes, we are endorsed for Fly Fishing and Wing shooting. We were also the first lodge to be Dual endorsed for both Fly Fishing and Wing shooting. And most recently won the Orvis Fly Fishing Lodge of the Year 2007.

Q) Are your guides independent contractors?

A) Two of our guides, work solely for Eagle Nest Lodge. Our other guides are independent contractors and can work elsewhere. However, the majority of our guides have been with Eagle Nest for the last 11 years and guide primarily for Eagle Nest Lodge. You’ll enjoy getting to know them all after a day of fishing and relaxing with the guides back at the lodge. Please take a look at some of their profiles.

Q) Are there owners or managers on site?

A) Yes, John and Rebecca live on the property. We are very active with our guests. We’re there to greet you when you arrive. We enjoy appetizers and dinner in the evening with our guests. While we don’t have breakfast with guests, we are there every morning to answer questions and to help get you started on your day of fishing or hunting. John also guides fisherman, so chances are you’ll either be fishing with him or seeing him on the river.

Q) How far a drive is it to where we put in for fishing?

A) Depending where we put in, anywhere from 20 – 40 minutes. We’re in a unique location along the Bighorn River. While we may have a little more time in the car to the river, you will still be fishing over 8 hours per day. Our location is hard to beat, as we’re surrounded by cottonwood trees, there are no other homes in site, and most importantly we are not located along the highway. Most people in town don’t even know we’re here and we’ve been here for 25 years. The other unique element is that our guides will fish the lower river when it’s fishing well. This allows you to fish in almost complete solitude. The lower river can provide great fishing and more often than not is where some of the biggest trout are caught.

Q) Do you have Cell Service?

A) Yes. We have great cell service. We also have wireless internet that can be used throughout the lodge. A laptop is available if you want to check your emails and leave the laptop at home. We also offer free long distance to call home.

Q) What other activities do you have available?

A) We offer casting clinics, sporting clays (1st round is complimentary), horseshoes, and a hot tub. The Little Bighorn Battlefield is 15 minutes from the lodge.

Q) How are the mosquitoes?

A) We spray for mosquitoes once a week starting in the spring.

Q) I have an early flight, is that a problem?

A) We are a quick 45 minute drive to the airport. We’ll have a continental breakfast set up for you. If you have your airline information, Rebecca will run your boarding passes for you to make for an easier check in.

Q) Why should I book at Eagle Nest Lodge?

A) There are so many great choices along the Bighorn River. However, we believe we offer a unique experience, which is why we have been so successful with our repeat guests. The majority of our guides and employees have been with us for 8 or more years. We encourage our guides and employees to get to know all the guests. You’re welcome in our kitchen to talk to Sherri and see what’s for dinner. Our guides enjoy coming back to the lodge after a day of hunting and fishing and spending time with all the guests on our back patio. John and Rebecca then enjoy appetizers and dinner with you in the evening. We believe in great service and hospitality. Sure there is great fishing on the Bighorn, but if you don’t like your guide or service, you won’t come back. That’s what we don’t want to happen so we concentrate on making your trip the best that it can be. We look forward to seeing you here at Eagle Nest!