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Montana Bird Hunting Report

Well, the season for waterfowl is over, and I had a great year.  Probably the best year since I have been in the Bighorn Valley.  I thought I’d share some pictures of Chief and myself from this season. 

There are pheasants all over the place right now.  All the roosters are out strutting and showing off for the ladies.  It’s a great time to get some pheasant photos and I’ll try to get some for everyone this week.

The water and weather forecasts look good so far for this spring, so we’re expecting a great bird hunting season this fall.  This time of year kills me.  It’s so hard to put that shotgun up for months at a time.  Luckily there is sporting clays to shoot from time to time.

Here are some hunting pics to help ease the “non-shooting blues” some of you may have.  I know I do.

Put down that camera man, they\'re right here!

Chief and I hunting geese near Billings.

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