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Montana Fishing & Hunting Seasons

Fishing Seasons

The Bighorn River is a consistent and productive river year ’round. Due to its tailwater nature, spring run-off is not a problem, nor does the water become excessively low and warm in late summer. In fact, the months of April through June witness some of the best fishing the Bighorn has to offer, while many other Rocky Mountain streams and rivers are overflowing their banks. Each season has different characteristics, however, and can offer the angler a variety of experiences.

Bighorn River Flies & Hatch Chart

April – June

More fish than any other months

Dry Flies: Blue Wing Olives, Midges. April – May is prime time for big trout
on small dry flies!
Nymphs: Midge Larva, Baetis, Sow Bugs, Scuds, Algal Worms
June offers the best nymph fishing for large trout
and is the perfect month for novices.


Variety, good weather, great fishing

Dry Flies: Pale Morning Duns
The PMD’s are prolific and they aren’t so darn small
Nymphs: Caddis Larva, Baetis, Algal Worms
A good deal of sight-fishing on the riffs and shelfs

August – September

A good time for dry fly enthusiasts

Dry Flies: Caddis Flies, Hoppers, Tricos
The Caddis Fly Blizzard is phenomenal, and if the hoppers go, watch out!

Tiny tricos equal big trout.
Nymphs: Caddis Pupa, Algal Worms, Midge Larva
Shallow water sight-fishing with nymphs & emergers

October – November

Big trout in cool weather.

Dry Flies: Midges, Caddis Flies, Blue Wing Olives
The Blue Wing hatch can offer great fall dry fly action.
Nymphs/Streamers: Algal Worms, Scuds, Woolly Buggers
Streamers can produce Big Browns

Montana Bird Hunting Seasons

The hunting season at Eagle Nest typically begins on Sept. 1 (check regulations for specific dates on public land), at which time Hungarian partridge, and Sharptail Grouse may be hunted. Pheasant seasons opens on October 9th, and we continue to hunt through Thanksgiving. Bag limits were:

pheasant ……. 3 cock birds
partridge ……. 6 either sex
grouse sharptail ……. 2 either sex

September is the best time for those whose primary objective is good Grouse hunting. Sharptails can be found through November. The Hungarian partridge hunting in this area is truely fantastic all three months of the season. October and November present great hunting for pheasants.