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Bighorn River Montana Fly Shop

Fly Rods, Waders & Fly Fishing Gear

The fly fishing equipment needed for the Big Horn can be as simple as a 5wt, 8′-1/2″ fly rod and a pair of chest waders, or more elaborate – and everyone knows the more toys you have, the more fish you’ll catch, right? The best combination of fly rods is a 6wt for streamers, a 5wt for nymphs and a 4 wt for the dry flies. All rods for the Big Horn should be 8′ or longer. A mid to tip flex rod is preferable.

Weight forward floating fly lines are the general rule. Full chest waders are a must. Lightweight waders are desirable in summer and fall, and the Orvis ‘No Sweat’ or breathable waders are the ultimate. Polarized sunglasses are a necessity. We do a great deal of sight-fishing and being able to spot the fish is a big help. Vests, gadgets and terminal tackle items are not needed as the guides provide all of these. The Big Horn is a great place for beginners–everyone ties into fish every day — and our guides / instructors can move you along toward intermediate levels in a hurry. For the experts, the Big Horn offers the challenge of the monster trout on a tiny fly.

Shotguns, Shells & Bird Hunting Gear

For the wing shooting at Eagle Nest we really encourage over-unders or doubles. A 20ga. is great and is the choice of most of our hunting guides, but 12’s and 16’s also do the job. If you like to shoot a 28ga., Huns are an excellent bird that provide a real challenge as a target but are not typically difficult to bring down.

As for ammunition, we recommend a fast shooting load in 7 1/2 for the Huns and 6’s for the pheasant and grouse. 6 shot is a good all-around shot if you want only one load. Ammunition for Sporting Clays is complimentary and field ammunition is available for sale at our on site Orvis shop. A good pair of boots will be your prized possession and should be light, waterproof and comfortable. Insulated boots are not needed until late October and November. Brush pants and a vest/jacket to carry ammunition is also recommended. Be aware that September hunts can be on the warm side, while November days can be quite cool.

The Eagle Feather Fly Fishing & Hunting Shop

Eagle Nest Lodge owns and operates its own, on-site, Orvis fly fishing and hunting gear shop. Top quality Orvis fly rods, reels and waders along with specialized apparel are available. Hunting clothes, glasses and other gear are also available during the fall. Special orders prior to your stay are welcomed and are encouraged, as our inventory is small. We are always happy to offer advice on equipment.