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Guide Spotlight: Sam Boggio

“Steady as she goes” would be an apt description for guide Sam Boggio.

At Eagle Nest we understand the importance of having quality guides to spend your day with on the river. After all, you spend a large portion of your time here with them, and a good guide, regardless of how the fishing happens to be, can make or break your overall experience. Fortunately for us, the majority of our guides have been with us for many seasons.  Although many of our guest who return season after season have developed friendships with these guys, we want to take some time to introduce them on an individual basis so you can get to know them a little better.

Guide Spotlight: Sam Boggio

Few guides in the entire Bighorn Valley can claim to have fished the Bighorn longer than Sam Boggio. Born and raised in Hardin, Montana Sam has been fishing the Bighorn for nearly 4 decades. As a kid Sam recalls that day when his uncle asked him if he wanted his old fly rod to try using on the river. Sam took him up on that offer, and despite what he describes as a rough beginning, he stuck with it, achieving a skill level that today few will ever attain. When Sam was 14 years old he started tying flies commercially for the now closed Quill Gordon Fly Fishers, one of the rivers very first fly shops to open. At 19 years old Sam did his first guide trip on the Bighorn for Eagle Nest Lodge, and as trite as it may sound, he never looked back. The 2018 season will mark Sam’s 20th season as a full time professional guide on the Bighorn River. We would estimate that 20 years represents well over 2500 guide days, not to mention all the personal fishing days in there¬† as well. In a profession where experience counts, few can draw on that kind of knowledge. In addition to being a fishing guide, Sam has also worked 10 seasons as a big game guide for elk and deer.

“Steady as she goes” is an old seafaring term, and would be a pretty apt description of Sam’s style. Sam is also know for his sharp wit among fellow guides, who despite repeated attempts, are usually stymied when trying to give him a good burn from time to time. Good natured and quick with a joke, if you ever want to get Sam really talking, just bring up elk hunting. But don’t be fooled, Sam’s first love is still fly fishing, and that pursuit has taken him from the trout filled blue ribbon rivers around Montana and Wyoming to the saltwater flats of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Sam lives in Billings, MT with his wife and two young children Edison and Emmi.

Q & A Rapid Fire:

If you only had ONE fly to fish the Bighorn: White Zonker Streamer

Favorite Month to Fish the Bighorn: July

Favorite Beer: Ice Cold and Yellow

What are you doing if you’re not fishing: Probably elk hunting or thinking about elk hunting.

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