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Dell Despain ~ Fly Fishing Guide

I’ve always had a passion for the outdoors and have enjoyed fly-fishing since I was a little kid. ┬áBecause of this passion for the outdoors and interest in fly-fishing I moved to Montana to be a fishing guide, that was way back in 1998.

I’ve been a fly fishing guide for over 15 years now, and I’ve guided or fished on nearly every major river system in Montana. In 2006 I guided on 12 different rivers in Montana, so I think I know a good river when I see one.

As long as I’ve been doing this I still love to fish and guide and want to get as much time on the water as I can.

I’m not as spread out as I used to be, and have come to settle my guiding focus on the Bighorn, it’s one of the best trout fisheries in Montana and I feel lucky to be able to fish and work with quality guides and clients on this great river.

Weather you are a fly-fishing novice or a seasoned expert, I look forward to sharing my love of the Bighorn with you.